Welcome to Sposato Staffing, LLC

Welcome to Sposato Staffing, LLC

We are South Gate’s premier staffing solutions provider that primarily hires personnel in the fields of warehousing, manufacturing, construction, front office and clerical positions across industries.

When it comes to fulfilling human resource requirements, Sposato Staffing, LLC assists businesses in finding the ideal candidate for various positions including short term hiring, long term hiring and temp-to-hire.

Sposato Staffing, LLC

Our team of experienced professionals has been in the human resource industry for over a decade. Sposato Staffing is built on the foundation of stable, successful and longstanding business relationships with our clients as well as within the organization.

Your growth is our growth

We are a growing company that is more than confident in establishing ourselves in the business, yet setting ourselves apart from others based on the professional trust we create with our clientele.

At Sposato, we value your business and our goal is to thoroughly understand what you are looking for in your employee in terms of skills, experience, and knowledge. We then design customized strategies to bring you high-performing candidates.

Sposato staffing for employers

Your company may be on the verge of growth, or in the middle of a large project that requires more members for your team. Irrespective of the situation, Sposato Staffing is equipped to fill any vacancy you may have.

Not just employers, Sposato also focuses on understanding jobseekers’ professional goals to them take their career forward in the right direction.

Sposato Staffing, LLC

Looking to hire the right professionals for your business? Let Sposato Staffing help you find the right candidates.

Looking for a job in warehousing, construction or front office? Sposato Staffing can help!